Shree Tirupati Trading Co. Blog Latest Products Tue, 25 Jun 2024 08:27:23 +0530 en-us Tips for Choosing The Right Door Fitting For Interior Doors From Door Fitting Manufacturer India Tue, 13 Oct 2020 17:23:29 +0530 Door handles and fittings are a significant part of planning the interior of the house. Choosing the right door fittings gives a complete look to a new or a refinished door. This is the part of the interior design that most people usually ignore. Those with good aesthetic sense, however, are very selective about the look and feel of the door concerning the handles attached. It does ruin the effect of the décor style if not matched following the door look. It can add elegance to a room since the door is the first thing people encounter when they enter a room. So they are significant accessories in terms of interior decoration, and you need to consider some points before you go for buying from Door Fitting Manufacturers India.Points to consider for purchasing door fittings Usage at homeChoosing door handles is to be based upon the usage at home. Homes with children or disabled people need aspects of safety and durability in consideration. Many door handle styles include safety locks for children or ease levers for disabled people. Lever on backplate and lever on rose are some of the varieties.The budget kept forThe prime thing to consider in choosing door handles is the budget kept for it. A prospective way to compare prices is to browse through online catalogues of companies offering ranges of the very simple to very stylish and attractive door handles. Also, because such accessories are long term, quality needs to be maintained and not compromised. Companies dealing with interiors also provide door style advisory service which can be a relief for those who face trouble in picking the right door product.Style of fitting complimenting the doorThe style of the door is very vital, and most handles are made to fit a particular door style. A good strategy is to choose a handle that complements the style of the door so that it stands out not diminishing the style of the door too. For example, slick doors do not go with antique door handles. If the door is not at a very commonplace at home or not to be used a lot, simple handles are good options.Choose on the finishTypes of handles also depend on the area of residence. For example, homes based near the ocean tend to get rust on everything especially the doors and the door handles, stainless steel handles, matt, nickel, brass are made for such houses.Based on lock stylesChoosing handles based on locks is also good approach to forth usage. People might want different lock systems for varied rooms like BB, PZ, WC, a manual locking system for bedrooms and alert locking system for bathrooms. Most styles also offer auto locking system for security purposes. Door handles without locks are suitable for kitchen and passages.  Door handles provide finishing to the door that can add a classy effect to the room. Many Door Accessories Manufacturer in India now offer a designer range indoor handles fittings which can boost up the effect on the room. They can be expensive at times so carefully planned choice on these products can put an ease on the budget for the house interior. Consider buying them online for a better understanding of the products. Tips to Select the Right Door Handles Wed, 16 Dec 2020 10:22:27 +0530 Door handles are small items but make for a great impression if purchased right. Doors handles are a standard item that helps with the security of your home, offices, etc. It allows for maintaining the privacy of any individual or place from the outside surrounding. Door handles can help you enhance your style or decor of your house or office and make it stand out from the crowd without burning a hole in your pocket. Listed below are a few guidelines to select the right door handle.Budget   Determining the usage and budget is vital to selecting the right door handle. Plan out your budget that you want to spend on the door handle along with the daily usage of the door handle to make the best choice. If the door handle is rigorously used, then it is better to opt for a quality product to ensure durability. Hence, you must have an ample budget to invest in a quality door handle.Style If you are in the midst of a home renovation or want to change the decor of your room, a small change such as a door handle can make for a larger impact on the overall design aspect. Make sure that your door handle style or design is aligned with the overall decor theme to make for a beautifully done place. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that there is a similarity or flow in all your door handles of your house or office to guarantee that the place is mesmerizing. Many Cabinet Handle Manufacturer In India offers a great price for home improvement projects to their customers.Handle Style  Another important aspect of finding the perfect door handle is that you should be comfortable with the handle style. Whether you prefer knob or you like lever depending upon the style of the place and comfort for users. Knob style is user friendly and hence ideal for families or places that have children or elderly regularly using it. Some Brass door handles suppliers offer the best after-sale services for their customers at reasonable rates.Function  The function is also among the top priority when it comes to the door handle. The door handle of your closets or hallway does not require a locking lever, while places such as bathrooms or bedrooms should have that privacy factor, and hence locking lever is an important consideration. Therefore, understanding the required function and then choosing the appropriate door handle can help make the decision much quicker. Decorative door handle exporter offers some beautifully designed handles for your bedroom that is also very functional.Door setup Proper installation of the door handle is essential to efficiently use it every day. Hence understanding your door set will help you to choose a door handle that will be ideal for you. If the door is thick in a dimension that you might require to drill hole to install the door handle, however, you can save both money and energy by opting for keyless deadlock. The right door handle will help you feel secure and safeguard your loved ones too. It will allow you to have peace of mind even when you are traveling or enjoying a vacation with your family and friends. There are many Brass Door Handles Seller In India that offers quality product at affordable rates to their customers online. You can visit their websites to get good deals. Seven Tips For Choosing Door Hardware Sat, 20 Mar 2021 16:00:01 +0530 Whether you create a custom home or refresh your old one from the ground up, choosing all new paintings, armoires, floors and more is simple. Yet many people forget the final touches like all of these considerations are taken into consideration. Today, a successful project is not completed until everything has been fully installed and the ideal shape, feature and personal taste are balanced. The hardware is always an afterthought, so it is important to remember these seven aspects when selecting door hardware for doors made by door accessories manufacturer in India with which you are going to connect for years to come.Measurements You should make some calculations before you purchase some hardware for your doors. This will spare you a headache from buying the wrong size knob from door fitting manufacturer India. Measuring the boor pit, the cross bore, the back and the width of the door are the measures you require.Bore Hole: The borehole mounts the location of the button. Normally 2 1⁄8 cm in diameter is the normal scale.Bore Hole Cross: Cross borehole is a tiny hole on the edge of the door which usually has a diameter of one inch.Backset: The backset is based on the distance to the middle of the big borehole from the edge of the door.Thickness: Inner doors normally thick up to 1 3⁄8 inches while the thickness of the outer doors is 1 3⁄4 inches.The latch is first installed into the cross-bore hole as you load the new sets. Then the lock moves into the pier where the doorknob is then fixed. Most door fitting manufacturer in India has flexible backsets, but some don't, so it is necessary to first make certain measures before you order any door equipment.Exterior Locksets Provide the visitors with an elegant outside entrance a first impression! Each entry package comes with a protection slate but comes for your favourite look in various styles. Exterior and Interior Pack You would require compatible inside and outside sets to buy a full entry set. These are fantastic packages if you want various styled interior and exterior door equipment. The outside pack has an outside lock and grip on it and allows an entity to open it before entering. The door may be closed or unlocked by a quick rotation of the handle on the other side with the interior pack.Ease of Usage Many people pursue their own aesthetic interests and buy knobs or lever. However, when looking for door hardware, many people cannot use it easily. The handles are robust, graceful, simple to use and conform to the elements of nature for outdoor doors. However, this makes the inner side unknown.Door Latch Types Latch forms are often ignored, so you can avoid time and trouble by understanding what kind of latch you have. The three basic door locks are available: the lock in the drive, the rounded corner, and the latched square corner plate.Material Once the mechanical aspects have been eliminated, you have to pick the best material for your door hardware. There are some kinds of fabrics that you can purchase and all works, your own tastes and your home decor. Brass is ideal for many parts of your house.Finishes Finally, if you decide the materials for your doors you would like to use, you can pick the correct finish, which connects it all! You'll find many different kinds, such as vintage, matt, coated, brushed, burnished and many more in your quest for hardware terminals When selecting a finish, it is necessary to maintain an efficient appearance that complements all of your residence's aspects and design choices. A Guide To Choose The Right Tubular Lock Fri, 25 Jun 2021 15:01:59 +0530 In need of a new door latch but not sure how to choose the right door latch for your door? The tubular latch is a simple closing device commonly used on internal doors where no lock is needed. The Tubular latch is an evolution from a Mortise Lock, downsized so that it can be fitted with much less effort, and with minimal drilling and cutting to the door required.   The Size Of The Tubular Lock The tubular latch is a generally used item and is a cornerstone of modern ironmongery. Available in different sizes, shapes and variations to provide a variety of latch sizes to suit your doors. Generally, it is manufactured with a mild steel latch body with a short faceplate, brass or steel tongue and an 8mm follower.   Most commonly supplied with square edges to the faceplate and strike plate, however also available with the radius edges that is usually preferred by the manufacturing joiners who will use a router to pre-cut the holes in the door, for us mere mortals who use a chisel than the square edges are easier.   There is a wide choice of finishes available for the strike plates and forend meaning that latches can be coordinated perfectly with your door hinges and handles. The cheaper economy latches are generally either Electro brass plated or nickel-plated. The better quality latches have a range of finishes in polished brass, satin steel, polished steel, power coat black and Florentine bronze.   Back set Sizes And Latch Length The tubular lock manufacturer in India provides you with latches that are available in different sizes. The tubular latch sizes come in five industry-standard lengths, 64, 76, 102, 127, 152 mm. These are the measurements of the overall size of the latch case, each of these sizes has its unique Backseat measurement. The backseat is the distance from the faceplate of the latch to the centre of the follower. The size of the Backset is important because it will determine where your handle or knob sits on the face of the doors. The industry standard Backset sizes are 45, 56, 82, 107, 130mm.   An easy way to choose that latch you need is to measure from the edge of your door to the centre of your door stile. Choose the Backset that is closest to this measurement and the handles. However, the shorter 64mm overall size should be used where the door is glazed, to minimise the risk of hitting the glass rebates when drilling to fit the latch.   Bolt Through Fixing Holes Most tubular latches, except the economy range, are supplied with Bolt Through Fixing holes. These are the holes in the latch case located on either side of the follower. These fixing holes are designed to allow the fixing bolts, that are often supplied with the door handles to pass through the door and the latch mechanism so that the handles can be bolted together. The hole at the rear of the latch is just a cutaway to the read of the case.   Choose to deal with the best tubular lock manufacturer in India and get the one that gets the best for your use.